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Pro's of Remote/Online Therapy

Online therapy is accessible in a number of ways. First of all physically, there are both clients and counsellors who live in remote areas. It may be difficult or even impossible at times to get to a therapists office. That's just if you're local! Working remotely, I work with clients from all over the country who I would otherwise would not be able to see.

Accessibility can be even more challenging for those with physical or mental limitations. Those with physical limitations may find other challenges, they would need a client whose office is physically accessible or with specific seating arrangements. Those with limitations caused by psychological conditions may find it challenging to get to a counsellors office or maybe even leave their home. Working online means that all of these potential issues are not an issue and that clients can be in the comfort of their own home during their therapy sessions. 

Working online also makes counselling more accessible financially. Not having so many costs, such as office space and travel costs means that as a therapist I have less outgoings and my rates are lower to reflect this. 

I do understand that working online does not suit everyone, some people don't have access or the understanding of the technology to be able to use it. Others find they work better with a therapist in person. I appreciate this and through my work with Macmillan I do work with clients face to face. At this time I do not have an office that I can use to see clients in, however I do offer home visits to those within 15/20 miles of Uckfield, East Sussex, I would however, have to factor travel costs into my rates to do this.